Thursday, 10 June 2010

Creative expressions of Nisha.

This is a 4-minute video of Nisha, a 6-year old tribal (Mudugar) girl taking pictures of what she likes outside her house. Her likes and creativity is pronounced in the video. Watch it you will be surprised to see the excitement of the little girl. The video is made in Mudugar-Kurumbar Research Centre, Attappady, a Centre established for documenting the vanishing cultures of indigenous communities, with the World Oral Literature Project Fund of University of Cambridge, London. The video is conceived by Sachindev. P.S., cinematographed by Justin Raj and Sachindev P.S., edited and voiceovered by Rayson K. Alex.

Creative Expressions of Nisha

Check how a 6-year old Mudugar (indigenous community) girl expresses herself using digital camera ...

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Fieldworkers at work

The ppt presentation gives a glimpse of the fieldwork done in Mudugar-Kurumbar Research Centre, Attappady in June 2010. The Centre is established with the financial support of World Oral Literature Project of Cambridge University, London.

Monday, 7 June 2010

In their eyes...

A seven minute video-documentary of the responsive expressions of Mudugar, a tribal community in Attappady, watching themselves on screen. Watch the twinkling eyes that look on the camera! The documentary is made in Mudugar-Kurumbar Research Centre, Attappady, with the financial and conceptual support from World Oral Literature Project of University of Cambridge.